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It's not a Normal Door!

“Imagine becoming famous for doors that don’t work right.”-Dr. Dan Norman

Have you thought of what makes one like or dislike objects?

Apart from how it looks, much of it comes from the way we experience its usability.

As a product manager, I am super thrilled to share one of my most favorite design experience concepts. We have heard of the terms like the user experience or the human-centered design, and we owe it all to none other than Dr. Dan Norman. He introduced us to the world of user-centered design in his book, The Design of Everyday Things (one of my favorites) more than 30 years ago. He has emphasized how good designs don’t get noticed whereas poor designs do. But what makes a design good enough to be unnoticed? It’s the idea of discoverability and understanding. There’s so much more in his book which is relevant for one and all. By that I mean, one doesn't have to be a designer only to know about designs or the experience around it.

As for the doors which are difficult or confusing to use, as you may have guessed, they are called Norman Doors. 

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